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Wanna know why our doughnuts taste so delicious? It's all about that brioche dough! If you don't know what brioche is, let us bring you up to speed. Brioche is an enriched dough, which means it's made with all the good stuff: eggs, milk and BUTTER! LOTS OF BUTTER! Brioche is such a decadent, flavourful dough, and we ensure ours always stays that way by fermenting it in the fridge for 18 hours!

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This is one of the best parts of the job—coming up with new flavours! We like to keep it fresh at Ritual Doughnuts, and we love pairing our flavours to the seasons. You can expect to see flavours like pineapple coconut in summer, pumpkin cheesecake in fall, and eggnog creme brûlée and chocolate peppermint in winter! And—fun fact—many of our flavour ingredients are made from scratch, like the caramel in our salted caramel crunch doughnut, or the raspberry sauce in our raspberry sprinkle doughnut!
We would love to make your doughnut dreams come to life! If you have a craving for something you don’t see, feel free to reach out to us to see about placing a custom flavour order.

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Looking to place an order? Shoot us an email and we can chat about what you're looking for! Here's just a few things to keep in mind when ordering:
1.    All doughnut orders need to be placed 2 days in advance (the dough needs that extra time to rise and shine after all!).
2.    Minimum order is a half dozen.
3.    We have a flat rate delivery fee of $4.00 (applies to Calgary only—deliveries outside of Calgary will have a different rate).
4.   Delivery days are currently Thursday-Saturday; however, if you need doughnuts on a different day, give us a shout! We may be able to accommodate you.



Fill out our handy form to place your order! We will contact you once we’ve got it to confirm details.

Just a friendly reminder: we need 2 days’ notice for orders. Delivery days are Thursday-Saturday. All orders placed in dozens will come with two of each flavour unless otherwise specified. 


 Half Dozen: $18

 Full Dozen: $36

(plus tax and $4 delivery)


  • Nanaimo Bar  (Filled)

  • Eggnog Brûlée  (Filled)

  • Chocolate Peppermint Bark

  • Gingersnap 

  • Sugar Cookie

  • Apple Cider Apple Fritter



       Blush Lane 

        (available Thursdays )

  • Aspen

  • Bridgeland 

  • Marda Loop